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          Ultra Compact Automotive Computers

          The ScanGauge product line integrates advanced Trip Computers, Digital Gauges and an easy to use Scan Tool in a small and compact package design to fit almost anywhere. The ScanGaugeII features the exclusive X-Gauge™ programmable gauge system and the all new Performance Monitor™, while the ScanGaugeE provides a real-time fuel economy feedback graph and built-in CO2 footprint gauges. All Scangauges

          • Fuel Saving Features!
            Adjust your driving habits and reduce fuel consumption!
          • Compact size
            Fits almost anywhere!
          • Works On 2000 & Newer Vehicles
            Including: Gas, Diesel (from 2004 or newer), Propane and Hybrid Vehicles. With Metic units. (KMH / LPH / Celcius )
          • Detachable Cable
            Allows for easy portability from vehicle to vehicle.
          • Easy Menu Driven Operation
            No need to memorize complex sequences
          • Works On All OBDII Protocols
            Including CAN & EOBD, required on all vehicles starting in 2008.
          • Large High Contrast LCD
            User changeable backlight color
          • Free Shipping
            Purchase ScanGauge II without any customs fee or extra duty charges. With official warranty and free ~3day delivery Europe wide. ( Free Shipping is available for orders above 99 Euro )
          • Latest Firmware
            Get the latest firmware of scangauge with all the cool features installed.
          Scangauge logo
            Scangauge II

          Monitor your vehicle's most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you've been missing. ( Learn more...)

          SCAN TOOL

          Troubleshoot your own car and turn off the "Check Engine" light.

          DIGITAL GAUGES & X-Gauge

          Display 4 gauges at a time from the built-in digital gauges


          Automatically tracks four sets of trip data.

          Scangauge logo

          ScanGaugeE provides you with real-time information about your vehicle's fuel economy through an intuitive graphic display. ( Learn more...)

          FUEL COST

          Track your fuel costs and fuel used in real-time.


          Track your vehicle's CO2 output in real-time.


          X-Gauge Commands

          It is now possible to add up to 25 additional gauges to the 12 that are currently available to most vehicles.

          Learn more..


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